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Acting Coach

           John Pallotta

Actors having a dream is a matter of choice


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Actors Reaching that dream is a matter of Discipline

John Pallotta is a gifted artist, teacher, and human being whose mission in life is sharing his authority and love of acting with each and every one of his students. His attention and perception are uncanny. He is also one of the most sought after acting coaches in the business today.


John's focus as a teacher of the craft is to help each and every one of his students find their own voice as an actor. Acting is a process. It is a journey of discovery. It is a living breathing process that happens each and every day and does not happen overnight. Becoming an actor is learning a new way of thinking and about the way you look at life. Just as you make choices in life that determine your success or your failure. It goes the same for your choices you make as an actor.



Call the studio today at: 877.228.3115 and visit us online at to see if John is right for you.

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